Marvel Heroes 2015 Nominated for Best Promotional Effort by a Game: 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards

Marvel Heroes is nominated in this year's Dragon Slayer Awards for Best Promotional Effort by a Game, and there are plenty of reasons for it.

The Dragon Slayer Awards have begun! It's this really awesome annual awards shindig that Guild Launch, our sister site, has been hosting for the past three years and it's all about you.

One of the categories is Best Promotional Effort by a Game, and an especially special game, Marvel Heroes 2015, has been nominated. Continue reading for an in-depth explanation, or go right to the voting page to cast your votes, or skip this article entirely (but that's lame).

Marvel Heroes has come a long way since its initial 2013 release. This June 4th, exactly a year after the original release, Gazillion Entertainment rebranded the game with the name Marvel Heroes 2015 in celebration of the 2014-15 season.  It's done more than just rebrand the game, though; it has performed a complete overhaul of the mechanics and gameplay, such that this new iteration has a Metascore of 80 to the first's 58.

Obviously all of this hard work had to be accompanied by a proactive promotional campaign to offset the (legitimate) criticism of the game's first incarnation.  Other than giving players daily events, a trading system in-game, and the opportunity to fight the almighty Surtur, within two weeks of announcing the game, Gazillion announced that the game would finally be making its way to the Mac.

In that same month the company made the Silver Surfer a playable character in-game, as well as hosting two separate all-night Twitch streams with the game.

The promotional effort hasn't halted since the game's first month. Gazillion continues to churn out weekly game updates, as well as continuing the monthly character additions and weekly costume additions. 

On top of that Gazillion has ridden the coat-tails of this summer's blockbuster hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, releasing three of the movie's heroes as team-up characters, a new movie-themed costume for Rocket Raccoon, and Star-Lord as a playable character.

So if you think that all of this qualifies Marvel Heroes's promotional effort as what one might call "the best," head on over to Guild Launch's Dragon Slayer page and cast your vote. Or if you'd like to better inform your vote (like a responsible member of the electorate), go to GameSkinny's landing page for Best Promotional Effort by a Game to see all of this category's contenders.

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Published Aug. 5th 2014
  • Hade E Alder
    If "Best Promotional Effort" is banning anyone who questions the fact that your game was designed by marketing and ginning up your attack dog, white knight fanbase to harass and belittle your detractors, than Gazillion should get a lifetime achievement award for this.
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    That is really cool and Marvel Heroes is definitely deserving.

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