Guild Wars 2: A Commander's Uniform [Contest Entry!]

I'm a WvW commander and my outfit is quite the novelty. Find out how it all comes together in this post!
Greetings everybody!

I know that this may be cutting it a little fine to the closing date, but I thought I'd 'throw in my hat' into GameSkinny's Guild Wars 2 (GW2) fashion contest! My commander hat, that is!

My name's Duke and this is my commanding character - Duke Witherheart. I play on Gunnar's Hold (EU) and I'm an officer in the fairly big guild Rock, Paper, Signet ([RPS]). 

As I have explained in the past, I think it's very important for commanders to stand out in World versus World (WvW). Nowadays anyone with 100 gold and a bit of motivation can pick up a Commander's Compendium and pop a blue tag above their heads. This means that simply having a floating icon follow you around is no longer good enough for serious zerg herders. 

You need to look good.

You need to look unique.

You need to look...


So What Am I Actually Wearing?

A Gem Store skin set called Profane Armour*. It's handmade in a quaggan sweatshop and costs five hundred gems, which is about £5.33 in my local currency. 

You might think that it's pretty expensive for some clothes that look like pointy bits of plastic. I would normally agree with you, but trust me - it was an important purchase.

Minutes before hosting a rather large WvW event on our server a few months ago, I decided to buy something new to wear. I knew that I'd be appearing in videos and screenshots of the evening and let's just say that my old outfit drew some curious glances. 

See what I mean? That's the price you pay for playing a mesmer!

I opted to purchase some guild armour to help represent [RPS] and also to hopefully get rid of that skirt. It turns out that guild armour doesn't actually cover your whole body, which meant that I was stuck with a skirt on the bottom and an oddly out-of-place tabard on the top. 

Even being the aspiring fashionista I was, at the time, I understood that consistency was extremely important when compiling an outfit - especially if you are in a position that demands respect! So Profane was purchased and it's been my skin of choice to this day. 

I suppose the good thing about the skin is that anyone can access it - so long as you have some gems. It really is as simple as pressing 'O' and navigating over to the 'Style' section! Hand over your hard-earned cash and you can emulate my awesome look!** 

The Flag Growing Out Of My Back 

If you've come this far in the article you're probably a very intelligent and astute reader. One that wants to even comment on this post and link to it...?

Erm, regardless! Since you're so smart you've probably noticed the thing hanging off my back.

Duke got a booty like POW!

Although I didn't buy a full guild armour set with a picture of our insignia on it, I still felt obliged to show my support for [RPS]. Enter the Elegant Guild Back Banner Skin. It can only be purchased from a Guild Commendation Trader for the rather hefty sum of five gold and five Guild Commendations.

Despite the jarring difference in colour compared to the rest of my outfit, I think that it fits in with the aesthetic quite well. It adds an interesting spin to a costume that would otherwise look like something from Power Rangers. The same goes for the staff.

My other weapon set comprises of the human karma Seraph weapons. I use the sword and focus specifically. This combination is just for manoeuvrability in the field, but I think it adds a bit of class to the whole thing. 

Curl Up 'N' Dye

The dyes then.

Again, I went with something simple and consistent. In real life I'm a big fan of wearing the combination of white and blue and I've just applied that to GW2!

Now, the resulting blockiness of the colours does sometimes look a bit familiar...

But where the dyes shine is during the action. Unless ArenaNet implements a hardcore stealth mechanic, who wants to wear dark dyes that make it hard for you to even spot your character in the middle of a battle? 

My character can be seen clearly at all times. This is useful no matter if I'm...

...leading guild missions!

...farming Citadel of Flame (CoF)!

...or herding a zerg! 

The dyes I actually use are again available to anyone. Mainly because they're some of the default ones!

The main colours are antique gold, orchid and stream. Just figure out the correct combination and you'll have your own commander's uniform is no time!

Remember: You don't have to be a massive Norn to be noticed! Just... find out a way to pop out from the ground textures. 

As well as being a perfect fit for the floating commander tag above my head, my blue-y, purple-y look perfectly complements the colours of normal mesmer skills. 


I hope that you have enjoyed this post folks and I'd appreciate your feedback on my costume!

Good luck to all of my fellow entrees into the fashion contest!

If you would like to see more of my words, you can hit up my blog (updated daily!) or visit my GameSkinny profile

Thanks for reading! 

*I am in the UK!

**This post was not sponsored by the Black Lion Trading Company, honest! Tell Evon I sent you!


Hi! My name’s Duke and I’m a commander.

Published Aug. 12th 2013
  • Ecobahn
  • Tweetiti_1478
    I think they heard me and you are in a special category good luck :D
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Duke, your brave fashion leadership has landed you in the finals for Most Unexpected! Voting is going on now, and winners will be announced August 28th.


    Best of luck and congratulations!
  • Duke-W
    Thank you very much Amy! To quote Puff Daddy, I'm just happy to be here!

  • CarsynHolla
    My ele has profane armour! I love it~ Though, I am rocking an NA server. Sadly, we can never flaunt our gear together.
  • jimmyjad1
    Nice, never see a male char wearing that. :D
  • Duke-W
    I never see any character wearing it, PERIOD! :D

    I think it might be because I've given the skin a bad name on our server...
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    "Duke got a booty like POW!" Not gonna lie, I snorted my coffee up my nose a bit on this one.

    You've got a way with words, sir.
  • Duke-W
    Cheers Amy! I hope you enjoyed it.

    With any luck I successfully disguised my terrible photo editing skills with my awesome wordz.
  • Calab_6945
    That spandex, so majestic. In honesty, that outfit is both incredibly becoming and mesmerising (how fitting) at the same time.
  • Duke-W
    Thanks very much Squirrel! I hope I remind you of one of the better spandex-wearing superheroes, like...

  • Tweetiti
    Duke they should create a "special" prize just for you!
  • Duke-W
    Thanks Tweet, I think?

    I'd be happy with a unique prize. So long as it starts with a number and ends in lots of zeroes.

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