Spelunky, Spelunky 2 Head to Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021

Nintendo Switch versions of Spelunky and Spelunky 2 were announced by Mossmouth at December's Indie World Showcase.

Spelunky and Spelunky 2 are coming to Nintendo Switch in summer 2021, Mossmouth announced during Nintendo's December Indie World showcase. 

In Spelunky, the game that stole our resident roguelike lover's heart, players explore randomly generated caves stuffed with both treasure and deadly surprises. Death is nearly inevitable, with cleverly disguised traps around every corner and monsters waiting for those explorers who manage to avoid these traps.

These death caves are fully explorable — and fully destructible as well. When dying and destroying get too much, there’s always a safe base camp to modify with whatever treasures you spelunked.

Spelunky 2 released for PC and PS4 earlier this year and follows a similar gameplay pattern, but with more of everything — more monsters, more traps, and more importantly, more treasures. Spelunky 2 on Nintendo Switch will also feature local and online multiplayer, while Spelunky comes with local multiplayer.

Prices for either game were not announced, but Spelunky retails for $14.99 on both PC and PS4, while Spelunky 2 goes for $19.99 on both storefronts. Stay tuned for more. 


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Published Dec. 15th 2020

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