The 6 best gaming computers under $1000

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What does a thousand dollars get you? Quite a bit, really, and when it comes to pre-built gaming PCs spending a just under a grand can buy one powerful, well-rounded, and heavily gaming-focused rig. 

Unlike most of the PCs in the previous The 5 best gaming PCs under $500 article, the computers here give a great balance between the all-important graphics card, processor, RAM, storage space and fancy chassis.

You may be spending more than double what you would pay for a Xbox One or PS4 but, when comparing each individual component, these computers can far outperform their console cousins. Moreover, with most of these PCs boasting so many high-quality parts, they’re future-proofed for a good few years. Chances are, the only component you would want to eventually upgrade would be the graphics card, and even that’s not really necessary in order to attain high-setting, 1080p gaming on these machines. 

"I could just build my own"

As I mentioned in the sub-$500 PC article, the benefits of building your own PC are numerous - but not everyone wants to do it. Warranties, cable management, pre-installed software, knowing very little about PC components; all of these can be major factors as to why someone would prefer to buy a computer that is ready to go straight out of the box. Plus, some people are just useless when it comes to building things - and that's ok!

So, here are the six best gaming PCs under $1000. Each entry contains a brief description of why I believe it should be on the list, a breakdown of its most gaming-specific components, and a link to the retailer.

Published Aug. 13th 2015
  • John_1898
    The last two builds are definitely the best ones when it comes to specs. The 3rd one (didn't pay attention to whether or not there are names to these prebuilt computers) definitely looks weird and isn't a traditional PC tower, but I noticed the specs are pretty decent. I found another article basically with the same ideas if you guys are interested in more of them (

    I do love this list more than the above one, though. There are 7 computers listed on GameSkinny's article while that one only has like 3 or 4. Plus all these computers can really play modern games and for a small budget, I love it.
  • p0g
    Nice build. For our "Best PC Gaming Build Under $1,000" ( we went with 16GB RAM and an SSD. At this price point, including an SSD makes a lot of sense and is one of the best things to do to speed up the feel of your system. Something for people to consider.

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