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Just another manic Monday? Well, unfortunately Monday's not the only day that can get you down as there's still six other days in the week. At least two of those days count as the weekend, unless you work Saturday and Sunday.

If not, awesome! That leaves you with only five days to worry about but hey, five is a magic number. Yes, it may be the number of days in the work week but five is also the number of one of our favorite GTA's

GTA V might be all fun and games but if you look a little deeper, you can find the game understands you more than you think. 

So, cheer up your day with these 20 funny and relatable gifs. 


Let's be real, life can be a kick......well, a good ol nine iron assisted golf ball swing into the you know what but trust me, you're not the only one going through it. Can't lie though, it is kind of nice seeing it happen to someone not us. Ouch!

Just Keep...er...Glitching

Dory might have told us to "just keep swimming" but sometimes a good hiccup in the system is just what we need to get through the day. Bad things happen but don't worry, in the end it will work out for you. If you fall off the bike just start running. 


Mime Your Business!

We all have that one thing or person that just lurks in the background ruining our day. I know I do! Grand Theft Auto might have the bad wrap of senseless violence but let's be honest, sometimes people just need a good back hand. Franklin gets the idea. 

 The Over Compensating Driver

There's always that one car on the way to work that has to be the big guy on campus. You know, the decked out Humvee. I hate that guy or gal. But if you're over compensating by your vehicle don't feel bad, at least you're not the guy taking up the four lane in a jet. 


The More You Know

Get it? Because of the rainbow? Yes.....no? Ok, well if you have ever thought about chasing a rainbow to find out what is really at the end of it, save your time. GTA V already has the answer; it is large glass window with your name on it. 

Epic Win

Nothing's better than showing the world who's boss. If gravity's got you down, don't fight it, just go with the flow. Just make sure you stick your landing. But hey don't get too crazy we're trying to make your day better. Start small, one step at a time. Check the next gif for a good place to start. 



One Leg at a Time

When you're having a bad day, walk don't jump. Man created fences for a reason and science created gravity. Well, gravity was explained by science but you know what I mean. And please, if you must jump, please oh please don't ever say "wazzup homie." You see what happened to Trevor. 

Lion King GTA V Style

As bad as it might be, every time I see this gif I just like to imagine a Lion King and GTA V crossover. Thinking about it brings a little tear to my eye but for all the wrong reasons of course. 


What Did The Five Fingers Say To The Face?

Bad joke, funny gif. I always wondered what a bad day's perspective looked like before it slapped me in the face. Now I know and I have to say that it's pretty accurate. The freeze frame makes it all the better. Thanks GTA.

Breaking Your Back For All The Right Reasons

Stop bending over backwards for others, do a little backwards bending for yourself and while you're at it, go on a nice bike ride alongside the beach. Treat yourself. But if you can't afford a really good chiropractor I wouldn't recommend it, well maybe the bike ride. Leave the stunts to the professionals. 

Walk It Off

Ever tried to do a cool thing and it backfired? This gif is a good example of that but hey, at least you landed on your feet! And you know...try to act as normal as possible and not call attention to yourself. And maybe stay in the less populated areas the next time you try to do that "cool thing". 

Seagull's Steal EVERYTHING

GTA V's animal mod is probably one of the best things about the Next Gen version and it really makes you appreciate the little things. Things might not be going well but at least you'll never have to admit to being carjacked by a seagull. The Landstalker might want to change it's name to Prey. 

One Whale of a Time

We all have those days where we feel like a fish out of water. Some of us just happen to feel like a 200 ton humpback whale that's gone and jumped in oncoming traffic. Not the best feeling in the world, but it beats being the person being cut off in traffic by said whale. 

Dance for the Camera

I'm more of a fan of the Tom Cruise underwear, socks and sunglasses slide from Risky Business but if you're happy and you know do a happy dance. Any kind of happy dance....especially if that happy dance keeps you alive. And yes, pants are optional. 

Bust A Move

I always knew that Franklin had more talent than just stealing cars, it just took getting hit by one to bring out his true potential. As it turns out, he's an impeccable break dancer though I swear he must be taking one of those hip-hop ballet classes on the side. 

Go Home, Dog. You're Drunk

Most people like to ooo and aww over animals to cheer themselves up. If you're a fan of GTA, I'm sure you rather watch them eat the pavement. Poor thing looks like he just gave up on life. No animals were hurt during the making of this gif, the dog's fine. 

It's a Bird, It's a Plane....

It's an assault rifle carrying bird; an assault rifle carrying pigeon if you want to be politically correct. Either way, it is awesome. What better way to cheer up than to see the impossible become the possible? It gives me hope, even if it is a bit concerning. 

Monkey-ing Around

What's better than a monkey driving recklessly through Los Santos? Nothing really. In fact, this gif kind of speaks for itself. I'm just mad we couldn't do this in the original GTA V. 

Run Forest, Run!

Franklin is such a chill guy. I could honestly watch this gif all day. When the going gets tough hitting cruise control can be the best thing you will ever do. Just act like nothing is happening. I mean just look how calm and collected Franklin looks, he doesn't even give this guy a second glance. 

Party Like A GTA Heist

Yeah, I know there's an actual bank robbery going on in this gif but let's pretend they're excited a long day is about to be over. Besides, pretending is only half of the battle of getting through a tough day alive. So go ahead, live a little and remember to have a great day!

Published Jun. 3rd 2015


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