Integrity in Games Journalism: The Protest Nobody Attended

People planned on protesting the state of games journalism at PAX Prime 2014, but nothing came of these plans.

This weekend at PAX, a protest was supposed to happen.

The "Integrity in Game Journalism" movement wanted to raise awareness of what they believed to be systemic issues in video game journalism. Some would protest outside, whereas those inside the show would wear yellow shirts to raise awareness.

PAX arrived and nobody was protesting.

WIRED contributor Laura Hudson confirmed as much on Twitter while attending PAX, although there has been little commentary on how many people were wearing yellow at the event. One of the reasons the protest might not have been popular is because not enough people were informed. The Tumblr page for Integrity in Game Journalism was taken down shortly after it went live (although a cached version of the page exists here).

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Perhaps the lack of protest was because the movement just that wasn't actually that popular in the first place. Material discussing the protests is scarce. No major video game websites have been reporting on it, and outside a few tweets and the cached Tumblr page, the only sources are forum threads discussing the movement and its issues, or articles discussing the issues surrounding the protests.

#GamerGate was a somewhat popular hashtag over Labor Day weekend and attempted to call attention to similar alleged issues, but this is a coincidence if anything. Actor Adam Baldwin is credited with starting the hashtag, and his affiliation with Integrity in Game Journalism is uncertain.


Published Sep. 3rd 2014
  • Charles_5604
    Maybe because everyone knows this is a bloody lot of bullshit made up by people that want to stick it to feminists under the false pretense that they are "actually fighting against journalistic corruption ok guys?".

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