The Five Must See Panels At PAX Prime 2014

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by WesleyG

With a little luck on your side, you've finally done it. After making it through the ticket queue/buying them from a third party/making a dark pact with the underworld, you are now holding your 2014 PAX Prime badge(s) in your hands. The hard part is over, and in a little over a week you'll be in Seattle at one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world! You'll be exploring the expo hall, participating in tournaments, and sitting in on a panel or two. Or three. Or ten.

Wow, that's a lot of panels. Where do you start? That's where I come in.

As an eight year veteran of the show, I've seen just about everything this convention has to offer. Every panel has something to offer, but I've found that the following five panels are the cream of the crop. Read on to see what's worth clearing your PAX schedule for.

(All panels are in the Main Theater unless specified otherwise.)

Published Aug. 18th 2014

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