Dragon Slayer Award Nominee: David "Scooter" Bass

David is a nominee for Community Manager of the Year

HistoryDavid "Scooter" Bass has a history in customer service going all the way back to 2006 where he was employed by CompUSA; selling customers extended warranties. A short 6 months later he was managing a fansite for Kingdom of Loathing. This game has a charm all its own with artwork resembling stick figures, and character classes including Turtle Tamer and Sauceror. From there he moved to being Community Liason for Flying Lab Software until April 2009 where he worked at Cryptic Studios as Online Community Representative. David continued pushing forward in his career to Gazillion Entertainment a year later, and in December 2010 he claimed Senior Community Coordinator at Bioware. David then began working as Senior Community Manager for WildStar at Carbine Studios in June 2012.CurrentDavid seems to have a zest for life and all things hilarious -- on and off the job. In an interview with Massively, he poked fun at his co-worker Troy Hewitt by posting a link of this lovely photo.As an avid gamer myself, I find it invaluable to have access to a community manager with a true sense of humor. I can only imagine what other types of pranks David attempts while he is 'working'. A good friend to have, and...wait -- this makes me curious how he got the nickname "Scooter" in the first place! Maybe we don't want to know!Click here to vote for Scooter in the Dragon Slayer Awards!


I am a self-described MMORPG addict. Not in the sense that my real life suffers, but rather my real life is enhanced.

Published Aug. 16th 2013

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