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The year is coming to a close, and after an exhaustive year of searching, experimenting, and testing, GameSkinny has narrowed down the very best Minecraft seeds of the year to a list of fifteen.

These seeds cover everything from totally unique landscapes to awesome starts to unique configurations of biomes. We also have seeds from both the PC/Mac/Linux editions and the Pocket Edition, so we've got you covered on multiple platforms.

Minecraft is a wide open game, with something for everyone, so whether you're looking to build, explore, fight, or just look around, we've got a seed for you.

Seed: -1703936678

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

This awesome seed has just about everything you could want out of a Minecraft start -- there's a village at spawn, multiple biomes nearby, a desert temple, and even a stronghold that's not too hard to get to. It's a perfect seed for just about any kind of survival game.


Seed: 8769453496860602697

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

This is an awesome seed for people who are looking for something a little different -- it's got three mushroom islands very close to spawn, which makes for a whole different kind of survival experience. A great start for people who are looking to try a different kind of game or just want a change of scenery.


Seed: 805697637

Platform: Pocket Edition

This is a really cool seed that starts you off right at the meeting place of a jungle biome and a mesa biome. There's nothing especially exciting at spawn aside from the really cool border between biomes, but there's lots to explore and you can start a whole different type of build in a place like this.

Seed: -6696289623741881588

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

This is a totally unique seed with tons of awesome possibilities. You start next to a savannah biome, which is pretty cool by itself, but if you walk a little ways west you can find an incredible floating plateau. Build yourself a sky castle, make a farm out of the top and a fort out of the bottom, create the most awesome high-dive you've ever seen -- the possibilities are endless!


Seed: 1999498952

Platform: Pocket Edition

This is a great seed with tons of potential. You start at the intersection of three biomes with multiple villages nearby. At least one of them has a blacksmith, making this a great way to start the game, no matter what your goals are.

Seed: Liebe ist für alle da

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

This seed starts you right next to this tiny village, giving you a small but substantial head start (or a great starter house if you don't mind booting the inhabitants). There are two ravines and a cave system nearby with lots of coal and iron so you can start building right away.


Seed: bruntopia

Platform: Pocket Edition

This is a really neat seed that starts you next to a village with easy access to mountains, a swamp, grasslands, a forest, and more, with tons of cool terrain features to help inspire your building.

Seed: altonbrown

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

If you're looking to try something really different, check out this seed with bizarre terrain features. Build something unique or just explore all these crazy rock outcroppings. There's cool stuff everywhere, but head north from spawn to find the mountains in the picture. 


Seed: 1388582293

Platform: Pocket Edition

The seed has a village really close to spawn that comes with an extra challenge -- there's a cavern system with multiple zombie spawners just beneath the houses. Once you clear it out and clean up the village a bit, there's tons of potential here.

Seed: -487425975244270386

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

If you're looking for a real challenge or an entirely different Minecraft experience, try out this icy seed. You spawn right in the middle of a bunch of icy archipelagos with a ton of cool features.

Seed: 3506402

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

This seed has all kinds of goodies -- a village at spawn, a desert nearby, and a triple village in that desert with tons of cool stuff. There's also a cavern and a stronghold underneath the spawn village, so you can start adventuring right away!

Seed: Halford

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

This is a great seed for starting a coastal village or for building an awesome base for sea exploration. Use the lava to fuel your forges and make sure to harvest wood from the valley of trees near spawn. 


Seed: 1388582293

Platform: Pocket Edition

This seed starts you next to a double village with two blacksmiths (move quickly though or they'll burn down). There's a lot of opportunity for exploration nearby. Depending on how far you want to explore, there's a taiga, a mesa, and tons of forest biomes, so don't be afraid to roam. 

Seed: blank

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

This is a seed for serious adventurers who want to get down to business. You start on an island that sits right on top of a stronghold. Don't waste any time getting to the Nether and killing that Ender Dragon.

Seed: -969535336

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

If you're a more daring kind of adventurer and builder, try out this crazy seed that spawns you at cloud level. Build yourself an amazing sky palace, work your way to the surface, or just settle down in a little homestead in the sky.

Published Nov. 27th 2015


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