100 Balls Review: Put Your Balls in a Cup

100 Balls is simple, addicting, and fun. Try it out today!

Geidrius Talzunas' new app called 100 Balls recently took off on the app charts and now stands at the top as the number one free app. 

You start out with 100 balls and try to get them into 7 cups that are circling around the screen. Sounds weird, right? I thought so too but actually the game is very addicting and is one of the best iOS games I've played in a while along with Make It Rain: The Love of Money. 


100 Balls tests your reflexes and reaction and is simple to control. A pot holding all of your balls will slowly release them at first, collecting at the bottom. Once the cups circle around and are under the opening you just tap the screen and the bottom will fall out releasing the balls. 

http://a4.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Purple/v4/d1/0a/a1/d10aa1ce-4148-c661-4efa-d361375f9509/screen568x568.jpeg               http://a1.mzstatic.com/us/r30/Purple4/v4/ea/2d/27/ea2d274f-3a3a-3615-5cb2-e6045eb386cc/screen568x568.jpeg

Aiming for the cups is just the right amount of challenge and fun. The game is very responsive so you can tap quickly to let only a few through or you can hold your finger down and it will release all the balls. 


Once you start earning a higher score the cups will start to move faster and it becomes more difficult to aim. The cups then begin to change color which add to your score if you catch more balls in these purple, blue, red, etc. cups. 

The longer you keep the balls circulating in the cups the faster they go and the higher level you will reach. Getting a high score takes dedication because you're at the mercy of the cup speed and you can't really make it go any faster. However, this is not a problem because the game keeps you focused on your goal and doesn't get boring!


Well, there are not any instructions which is okay because this game is simple... but it might be nice if they gave players a run down of the scores and cup colors. 

Once you start playing the game it can be a little confusing when the cups change color and you have no idea what kind of points they will give. Obviously you know that they will give you more points than clear ones but it would still be nice to see what exactly you're playing for. 

Overall, this nice little app is a great game to play when you're waiting around and is entertaining. I would recommend going to get it for free at the app store. You'll be pleasantly surprised like I was. 

Our Rating
100 Balls is simple, addicting, and fun. Try it out today!
Published May. 9th 2014
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaa_8529
    anyone know the name of BGM in this game?
  • Jared Newnam
    I think the game is great. I've gotten a decent score right from the start. I'm not seeing how some people are getting almost 100,000 in points, according to the leader board.

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