Radeon update fixes RX 480 power issues

Radeon Software gets a driver fix to reduce power consumption.

The latest driver update of Radeon Software Crimson Edition claims to have fixed issues involving the RX 480’s power consumption. Users were concerned that the RX 480 was drawing too much power from the PCle bus, putting unnecessary strain on PC motherboards and other components. In AMD’s Facebook post regarding the issue, they detailed that the new update will improve the excess power issue. Additionally, it contains an option to reduce total power consumption under the Global Settings menu as the “compatibility” toggle. Supposedly, this toggle will not reduce the RX 480’s performance by much.

AMD has also included “performance improvements for the Polaris architecture.” These improvements will enhance the performance of popular game titles and balance out the reduction caused by the compatibility mode toggle. Other minor bugs in various popular game titles have also been addressed with the new update.

Recently Radeon announced their beta testing initiative for future drivers. 


Published Jul. 10th 2016

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