Guild Wars 2: The Spirit of World v World

I'm unsure of whether it's ok to annihilate your enemy in massive, competitive PvP.

The game mode World v World in Guild Wars 2 is not like the Player vs Player in a lot of other games. For starters, World v World is whole servers facing off on four maps all at the same time. Many games have this realm-fighting content à la Dark Ages of Camelot, but few have made such a large-scale persistent world. The consequence of the uniqueness of Guild Wars 2's World v World is that there isn't necessarily a set of rules or standards about what's acceptable.

I was running around with my friends in a weak server's home area and our commander refused to take their garrison. We asked her why. She said she wasn't going to take their home base because she didn't want to demoralize them. It sparked a massive debate about whether the spirit of World v World is to completely destroy your enemies or for nobody to have fun because they have thirty mediocre players and we have one hundred well-organized troops. Everyone was bored because the other server couldn't compete.

I wanted to kill them. I wanted to take their garrison even if it made the other team sad because I think the spirit of World v World is about killing the other players, not negotiating how everyone can get points. There is a thing called karma training. It's where servers agree to take control points on a schedule. They agree to trade garrison for garrison so everyone can rank up. This is definitely not in the spirit of World v World, but it happens when servers are too mismatched.

The World v World Season 1 started today. Maybe by separating servers into tiers that patch will help eliminate those issues, but I'm not sure as the content is brand new. I will play a little and read the guide before I find out if World v World is actually more balanced. 

What do you think? Should we crush our enemies when we can or is it just too demoralizing? Is it too boring to sit around and wait for your opponent to put up a fight?


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Published Oct. 18th 2013
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    Can't believe that no one replied to this. I've seen it happen first hand and it can be frustrating. But I will be honest I think I thrive as an underdog. It motivates.

    Creating tiers makes a lot of sense. GW2 already alters the players level to balance against local NPCs. I wonder if such a thing could be done to counter being outmanned.

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