All You Need to Get Your WoW Classic Guild Started on the Right Foot

Every guide on guilds we've ever written to help you hit the ground running in World of Warcraft classic.

World of Warcraft Classic is right around the corner, and with it will come leagues of current and prior WoW players flooding into the game and trying to get their footing in old Azeroth.

Part of getting that footing is being a part of a guild, whether as a leader, an officer, or a rank and file and sharing a big part your WoW experience with that group.

A few years ago, MMORPG guild-leading veteran Elliot Lefebvre wrote an extensive and long-running series of guides on being a part of and leading a guild, most heavily focusing on effectively running a guild without running it and its players into the ground.

We've collected this series of "guild guides" in one place so that you can go into Azeroth with the right community mindset. These are particularly useful for guild leaders, as these articles touch on a lot more than just the base social aspects of running a guild: managing conflict, running events, effectively recruiting, tiering leadership, and more are covered in these articles.

Without further ado, for your perusing pleasure, here are Elliot's fantastic guides to running a guild in a productive and sustainable manner, and to being a productive and helpful member of any guilds you may be a part of down the road.

Guides and Tips for Guild Leaders

Guild Recruitment and Promotion

Guides and Tips for Guild Members


We wholeheartedly wish you the best adventures in your return to Azeroth of yore, and hope you don't get ganked too many times in STV.

If you're a current or prospective guild leader, check out our sister site Gamer Launch and its tools to build and maintain a guild website. You don't have to have a website to run a guild, but it certainly helps organize your members and keep them engaged with one another.


Published Aug. 23rd 2019

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