Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Celebrates Monster Hunter Movie with New Event Quests

The Monster Hunter movie comes crashing into Monster Hunter: World Iceborne with new events quests, items, and more.

Capcom is blurring the boundaries between Monster Hunter: World Iceborne and the upcoming Monster Hunter movie with a limited-time crossover event.

The MH: World and Monster Hunter movie crossover kicks off December 4 and brings a two-part event quests with it. Both are only open to the best of the best and require Master Rank to access.

Part one pits hunters against the Black Diabolos shown off in recent MonHun movie trailers, and it's a solo quest. The second part raises the stakes even higher, with Greater Rathalos as the target monster.

Claiming victory earns hunters a bounty of rewards, including layered armor, new poses, and special titles.

On November 27, Iceborne players can grab a free log-in bonus item pack with "useful items" related to the Monster Hunter movie.

Worlds colliding is the film's theme, with Milla Jovovich and her crew of soldiers transported from this world to one where hungry, angry monsters see them as a tiny snack.

The Monster Hunter movie lands in theaters December 25, and if Paul Anderson has his way, this won't be the last time Jovovich steps into the role of monster hunter.


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Published Nov. 26th 2020

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