Upcoming new project by Atlus and Vanillaware

Atlus and Vanillaware announce that they are working on a mysterious HD project. Further details are soon to come, in September.

This past Monday on July 20th it was announced on a NicoNico live broadcast that Atlus and Vanillaware have officially made plans to collaborate on a "new genuine/classic HD project."

Vanillaware is a video game development company founded by former employees of Atlus, including game director George Kamitani.  Their most noteworthy work so far is Odin Sphere, also a collaboration with Atlus, for which there will soon be an HD remake.  (It is possibly due to their focus on this HD remake that the new and not even yet named HD project is still in the early stages.)  Development is still underway and Atlus and Vanillaware do not yet have many concrete details to share.  

Following the broadcast announcement, a brief teaser video was also released, publicly revealing the existence of the new project. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until September for more information on what to expect from this upcoming game.

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Published Jul. 22nd 2015

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