Geek & Gamer Goodies: Unboxing the January 2014 Loot Crate

Loot Crate ships a box of goodies every month. What's inside January's?

I have a problem. I love surprises.

This might not sound like much of a problem, but just think of it. Mystery packs. Mystery packs everywhere.

And I simply can't resist.

Loot Crate is my newest find, a stumbled-upon ad that actually managed to catch my attention while scrolling through my Facebook feed. The premise of the site is to collect $40 worth of gamer and nerd goodies, stuff them all into a box, and ship them out to your doorstep - all for about 1/3 of the price at $20 or less (at least if you're in the United States).

In the United States, you have the choice between paying every 1 month for $13.37/mo + $6 shipping, every 3 months for $12.37/mo + $6 shipping, or every 6 months for $11.67/mo + $6 shipping. 

Those of us outside the United States in Canada, Australia, and the UK, can still get our hands on the Loot Crate for $29.95/mo shipped. 

It is still relatively new, they only began shipping their crates in July 2013.

EDIT: It isn't as new as I first thought, the previous crates page go back only as far as July 2013 but they have been shipping them for a lot longer than that. Thanks Lauren!

In this particular crate, what they have called the LAUNCH! crate (to launch you into the New Year), I found:

  • Superman POP! Vinyl - Funko
  • Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book - Randomhouse
  • Minecraft 2014 Calendar - Trends International
  • Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG - Wizkids
  • Melting Rubik's Cube - Walls360
  • Star Trek Communicator Badge - Walls360
  • NASA "Meatball" Emblem Patch - A-B Emblem

Toys! I love toys!

The question is, do you think it's worth it? 

For those of us outside of the US, the unboxing pleasure comes a great deal later than for those in the United States. In fact, the Loot Crate website released a summary of the January Loot Crate's contents before mine even reached the post office (and mine got to my mailbox before the expected February 2 arrival date). Rather ruins the surprise a little if you happen to misclick before you realize, doesn't it?

The price hike is also impressively steep once you pass the border. It's logical considering how much more it costs to ship, but does that make the presents worth while for us?

What do you think? Is it worth it for you?

If you're interested, Loot Crate is currently running a little promotion: use coupon code WARRIORS to get $3 off any subscription plan when you sign up.

Also if you're feeling kind, please consider using my referral link! Otherwise, will also get you where you want to go.

Published Jan. 29th 2014
  • Ryan Chizmar
    Featured Correspondent
    Hey Steph, nice unboxing! The button symbolizes when Loot Crate sent an actual Loot Crate box into space via weather balloon. The first one they didn't recover, but they launched a second one recently and it seems to have gone well. Also, the code on the bottom of the box is the Konami Code, a code that was used in many of Konami's old NES games that gave you bonuses. One big example being 30 lives in Contra.

    As for it being worth it, every other month they send out a t-shirt so there will be one in the February box and then April, etc, so, that definitely adds to the value. I just joined Loot Crate myself with the January 2014 crate being my first and I'll admit I was a bit underwhelmed. But, the ones they've sent out in the past look to have been pretty awesome, so I'm still looking forward to the February one.
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    You're baaaaack. And thanks for telling me, I wasn't able to peek very long into the little magazine thing (which I hope explained the button) since I was racing around getting ready for this trip to the Amuricas.

    And haha Konami code! God I'd forgotten those, I couldn't afford many console games as a kid so I only knew it through references to its existence.

    Also, I might stick with it for a little bit but it is pricey and I wasn't wholly exaggerating about it being almost the same price as my phone bill. :P One of my friends pointed out that I was really only excited about the Superman figure and it was true, haha.
  • Samuel Smith
    Featured Contributor
    These look great! I remember seeing something similar on Shark Tank a while back and it was designed as a kid learning tool, love the idea to bring it to gamers!
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    Me too, although my wallet would disagree vehemently with me.
  • Lauren Puga
    Featured Columnist
    Loot Crate has actually been around a lot longer than July! I've been a subscriber since March 2013 :)
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    I suspected this to be the case, but I didn't find any other evidence. Thanks, I'll change that in the article. :)
  • Mary Yeager
    Senior Intern
    Idea for your buttons: Get a long piece of wide ribbon in your favorite color. Hang it on the wall and attach the buttons to it. :)
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    Ooooh, that is a thought. You're so clever. :D I could use it to hang off of my new vanity desk. ^.^
  • Zietlogik
    The Ashens video spoiled it >.>
  • Stephanie Tang
    Featured Columnist
    Everyone in the US who got one spoiled it haha. I'm a slowpoke.

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