Capcom Notifies Players of Street Fighter V Development Updates

New updates for Street Fighter V will be coming in the near future

Street Fighter V has been out for a few months now, and the game seems to be well received by fans. More content for the game has been confirmed, which has left fans yearning for when it will come. A tweet by Capcom containing information for the upcoming content aims to answer this and other questions:

Capcom tweeted an article written by employee, Haunts, that shares updates on the development of Street Fighter V. The first piece of information we received is the release date for the DLC character "Ibuki". Haunts states that Capcom had originally aimed to release Ibuki by the last week of May, but had to postpone it to the last week of June so they could “provide the best experience possible”. Ibuki is planned to be released alongside the Cinematic Story Mode.

The second piece of information we received regards reports of input delay. Haunts simply reports that they have brought the issue up with the development team, are currently looking into it, and will let everyone know when the time comes.

Finally, the article addresses the apparent rage quitting issue. The previous solution to the issue was that the game would recognize who frequently quit during a match and ban them from online play for a period of time. While Haunts didn’t specifically state what the new solution to the issue was, he reports that it has decreased the amount of players quitting during a match by 60%.

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Published Jun. 3rd 2016

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