Elden Ring: How to Find Hyetta and Complete Her Questline

Hyetta's disturbing questline in Elden Ring is an area-trotting adventure across Liurnia of the Lakes. Here's how to find her and complete here questline.

Hyetta's questline is a disturbing look into the psychology and belief systems in The Lands Between. Finding her across the map and doing as she asks leads to one of the hidden endings in Elden Ring, and also gives a horrid look at one woman's quest for "grapes."

Like other quests in Elden Ring, you could stumble upon this one by chance, left wondering how to progress it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Hyetta and her questline.

How to Find Hyetta and Complete Her Questline in Elden Ring

Speak to Irina

Before you can even start Hyetta's quest, you need to head to the Weeping Peninsula. Cross the Bridge of Sacrifice, grab the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace hidden in the grassy area barely southwest of the bridge itself. Then go down the road, south from the bridge, a short distance to meet a girl named Irina on the left side, just before a tunnel. She'll give you a letter to give to her father Edgar at Castle Morne.

Go to Castle Morne, Defeat Leonine Misbegotten, Deliver Irina's Letter to Edgar

Go to the peninsula's southernmost tip, clear the castle there, and defeat the Leonine Misbegotten boss at the end of this area (the structure on the beach) to acquire the Grafted Blade Greatsword. Go to the parapet on the northeast corner of Castle Morne, and give Edgar, who sits there, Irina's letter by exhausting his dialog to make a "Give Irina's letter" prompt appear. He'll also give you the Sacrificial Twig item. 

Letter delivered, reload the area either by quitting and loading a save or returning to a Site of Grace. Talk to Edgar again, exhaust his dialog, and return to where you found Irina.

She'll be…well, you'll see. Edgar will be understandably angry, but more importantly, when you arrive at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace in Liurnia of the Lake, Hyetta will be there, just to right of the Site (from how you spawn in).

Hyetta's Questline Step 1: Lake-Facing Cliffs

Hyetta will ask you for a gruesome item called a Sabriri Grape, one of which you'll find in the room beyond Godrick the Grafted's boss arena. If you haven't retrieved it already, go to the Godrick the Grated Site of Grace, then north into the tower beyond the boss arena (past the NPC stomping on what remains of Godrick.

At the throne, go through the door on the left, then right down the stairs. In the next room, go left, and drop down. Turn around, and interact with the ghost on the back wall, who will give you the Grape.

Now, return to Hyetta. She'll eat it (gross), thank you, then depart when you sit at the nearby Site of Grace.

Hyetta's Questline Step 2: Purified Ruins

Now head down into the lake proper and make your way onto the eastern shore. You'll find Hyetta next at a set of ruins directly east of the Laskyar Academy, the Purified Ruins. She's beside the westernmost buildings. She'll ask for another Shabiri Grape, one of which can be found at the other part of the ruins to the east of Hyetta's location.

Look for a large collection of boxes, barrels, and floorboards. Roll through all of them to uncover a stairwell leading down. It's on the higher floor in the center of the ruins. Beyond the door, the grape is a shiny on a corpse to your left. Head back, and give it to Hyetta.

Hyetta's Questline Step 3: Gate Town Bridge

Go north from the Pacifying Ruins, through a soldier camp, until you reach a broken bridge leading toward the Academy in the distance. Grab the Site of Grace, then make your way to the far west of Lirunia of the Lakes to find a Minor Erdtree.

In the wilds just north of the Minor Erdtree, there's a small shack called the Revenger's Shack. Edgar the Revenger invades there when you get close. If you can, quickly touch the Site of Grace; you will respawn here even if Edgar quickly kills you. Defeating him awards the third Shabiri Grape you need. 

Return to the Gate Town Bridge and find Hyetta just north of it. Give her the third grape, exhaust her dialog, and when given a choice of what to say, respond, "They're human eyes." Rest at the Site of Grace again and talk to Hyetta, who will leave once her dialog is exhausted.

From the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace, go back to the Revenger's Shack, and continue north along the coast. You're headed toward the Main Caria Manor in the far northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes. When you come to the Kingsrealm Ruins, stay on the western side to jump over the gap in the cliffs to continue on. There will be a friendly giant here and the Road to the Manor Site of Grace.

Continue north to the Manor, staying on the western side to avoid the huge magic attacks on the main road. Go north until you hit the manor wall, then east to a Site of Grace at the Manor gate. Continue east to a small body of water, then a rock that juts out like a bridge. Jump over, then turn right and head south (up an incline with a merchant on your right).

Continue up the incline and enter the Bellum Church on the left. You'll find Hyetta near a column within the structure. But you need another Grape.

Head northeast to the castle in the cliffs: the Grand Lift of Dectus. When you reach the stairs leading up to the lift, turn right, and go southeast up the cliffs toward the Minor Erdtree. Be wary of Madness as you enter this area.

Go through the Frenzied Village on the right, going up the incline in the northwest part of the village. Continue northwest to the Church of Inhibition, where you'll be invaded by Vyke. Defeat them to get the Fingerprint Grape. Return to Hyetta at Bellum Church, give her the Fingerprint Grape, and you're done.

Hyetta's Questline Step 5: Frenzied Flame Proscription

Hyetta determines her destiny to be that of a Finger Maiden and disappears to the deepest regions of Lyndell, the Royal Capitalonce you rest at or fast travel to another Site of Grace. You'll need to descend into the city sewers through a well in the western portion of the city, then make your way down, down, down into the depths. 

Traverse the Shunning Grounds sewers until you reach a rusted iron elevator. Beyond the Cathedral of the Foresaken and Mohg, the Omen — an introduction to the Mohg, Lord of Blood fight later on — is an immense pit surrounded by corpses. Make your way down the deadly jumping puzzle.

At the bottom of the pit, the floor will give way to the Frenzied Flame Proscription. Hyetta will be sitting to the right of the hallway leading to a great stone.

She'll tell you how to give yourself to the Three Fingers and therefore trigger the hidden ending.

And that's how you find Hyetta and progress her questline in Elden Ring. We'll update this guide when we find Hyetta's final location, but definitely will not be spoiling the ending she provides. If you're having trouble fighting Vyke, you might try checking out our how to equip Great Runes guide for some extra stats. If you've got a Flask of Mixed Physick, you'll need to defeat Erdtree Avatars to upgrade them. We've got a guide right here about doing just that. Our Elden Ring guides hub is constantly growing, so head there now for more.


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Published Mar. 14th 2022

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