7 Sports that Should Have Their Own Video Game

Ultimate Frisbee

With the responsiveness of the Wiimote, the Kinect, and the Switch Joy-Cons, the technology is ready for an ultimate frisbee video game. Also known as ultimate, ultimate frisbee is very similar to football. The object is to get your team and the disc to your team's end zone. Unlike football, it's not a contact sport and players may not take steps while holding the disc. There are also no downs in ultimate. Any incomplete pass, interception or out-of-bounds throw turns possession over to the other team.

Ultimate is clearly not football, but presents strategy that would engage athletes and couch potatoes alike. Because its a disc, the weather can have a lot of impact on the game. Also, since turnovers happen often, every player is offense and defense and might have to switch roles in a split second. There's plenty within ultimate frisbee that would make it a great video game.

Published Sep. 5th 2018

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