Remembering Satoru Iwata: Fan Art Tributes

A compilation of loving fan art dedicated to the recently deceased Satoru Iwata. RIP Iwata-san.

It's been two weeks since the unexpected death of one of the video game industry's most inspirational contributors: Nintendo's own Satoru Iwata. As the dust has finally begun to settle, I've taken it upon myself to round up fan creations dedicated to his memory. I figured it would be nice to have a collection to look back on when the nostalgia begins to set in.

I initially wanted to compile some heartwarming quotes about Satoru Iwata's impact on the gaming world, but I was in way over my head. That may sound like a cop-out, but here's the thing – he touched countless hearts during his lifetime. Not a single forum has been anything less than filled to the brim with intimate condolences since his passing.

Realizing that there was no way to narrow down the written accounts of his legacy, I instead gathered these fan-made images. Satoru Iwata didn't leave anyone out of his journey to make great games, so I didn't want to leave anyone out of this celebration of his life.

RIP Iwata-san. Here's to making it past the final level.


Half man. Half fro. Half legend.

Published Oct. 4th 2016
  • Autumn Fish
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    Omg, tears, where did you come from? QQ

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