Pocket Mortys side quest guide & quest items

Get rewarded with rare items and even a unique Morty by completing these simple side quests!

The heart of Pocket Mortys is collecting all 82 varieties of the down-on-his-luck grandson and battling against competing Ricks, but if you've spent any time wondering around the Citadel, you've likely come across a side quest or two.

After acquiring new badges by beating boss Ricks, sometimes the characters inhabiting the Citadel will feature gold question marks above their heads. Go talk to them and you'll be given a side quest independent of the main story to defeat the Council Of Ricks.

pocket mortys screenshot of jerryCan Rick be bothered to help someone as annoying as Jerry?

In some cases you can complete these quests just by handing over an item found normally in any alternate dimension, but for many of them you'll instead need to specifically craft the appropriate item. There are 30 different crafting recipes, and if you don't want to discover how to craft each object through trial and error, just use our complete crafting guide on all 30 Pocket Mortys recipes here.

After finishing a quest, your Rick will receive rewards ranging from a piddly number of schmeckles to amazing items like Level Up Mega Seeds, and in one case you'll even get a unique Morty not available anywhere else.

I haven't been able to verify it yet, but some players have reported you can also complete these quests with alternate or higher level items (for instance, giving a Microverse Battery instead of a Supercharged Battery). If you've had any luck trying this, let us know!

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: The Broken Rickmote

Badges required: 2

Chat up clueless dad Jerry, who will ask you for a Battery to fix his remote. Hand it over to get an Attack Mega Seed reward.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Rickstoring The Balance

Badges required: 4

Talk to the annoying Doofus Rick, who is looking for a Plutonic Rock. After handing him the rock, he'll reward you with some Sensational Serum.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Feeling Rickcharged

Badges required: 6

The mechanical Robot Rick provides this side quest, asking for a Supercharged Battery. If you help him out, he'll hand over a coveted Level Up Mega Seed.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: New Chef In The Rickchen

Badges required: 8

The humanoid Masy Kallerax gives this side quest, requesting you hook him up with a Purified Fleeb. If you can craft one, Kallerax will reward you with the unique Egg Morty, who seems pretty useless at first. For info on how to hatch Egg Morty into The One True Morty, head over to our guide on all the rock-typed Mortys here.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: A Rick And His Morty

Badges required: 10

Approach The Scientist Formerly Known as Rick, who will ask you to acquire him a simple Dog Collar, which must be crafted. If you can meet his bizarre request, you'll be the proud new owner of an extra 500 schmeckles.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: A Matter Of Rick Or Death

Badges required: 12

Talk to Four Eye Rick, who is desperate need of a Dark Energy Ball. After you craft and hand over the dangerous item, you'll get a cache of rewards including a Fleeb, Battery, Turbulent Juice Tube, and a Bacteria Cell.

Don't forget, if you aren't sure how to craft these quest items, check out our complete crafting recipes guide here.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Rickbooting A New Life

Badges required: 14

Talk to the Robot Rick, who now needs a shiny new Motherboard. In exchange for that common computer part, you'll get a new Level Up Mega Seed!

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: This Rick Must Fly

Badges Required: 16

Go have a conversation with Dandy Rick, who needs your help creating a Dark Matter Ball. After providing the item, he'll give you an extra Morty Manipulator Chip for taming wild Mortys.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: The Love Ricktor

Badges required: 18

Seems like Jerry just can't get enough affection from his distant wife. Hook him up with a Love Potion and he'll hand over a Mr. Meeseeks Box in return.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Just In The Rick Of Time

Badges required: 20

Talk to Flargo, who is need of something to help him manipulate time. Give him a Time Crystal and Flargo will reward you with 1200 shmeckles to spend at Salesman Rick's.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: The Ricktatorship

Badges required: 22

You can get this side quest by talking to Bluu, who wants a regular old programmable Robot. Build one at the Crafting Station and Bluu will give you Attack, Defense, and Speed Mega Seeds.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Ricktastrophe Of The 4th Kind

Badges required: 24

The gray Humox 5 alien needs you to build him a Neutrino Bomb. If you're willing to give something dangerous like that away to an alien, he'll provide you with some Sensational Serum and Pure Serum in return.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Rick Around The Clock

Badges required: 26

Your old pal Flargo now needs a Time Stabilizing Collar to help out his time traveling adventures. After crafting one, he'll offer you a Pure Halzinger and Pure Plutonic Rock.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Butter Me Up Rick

Badges required: 28

Talk to Jerry again, who now needs you to supply him with a Butter Robot. In exchange, he'll offer you a Mutant Bacteria Cell.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Ricktelligence Quotient

Badges required: 30

Chat to Doofus Rick and then give him an IQ Enhancing Helmet to be rewarded with an astounding TWO Level Up Mega Seeds!

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: The Cable Rick

Badges required: 32

You can get this quest from Baloogy Mellow, who wants a new Interdimensional Cable Box. Your reward for completing the quest is both a Mr. Meeseeks Box and one other random item.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Behind Every Lover, There Is A Rick

Badges required: 34

Turns out Guard Rick is a little lonely. Help him out by crafting a Gwendolyn Doll (ewww....) and he'll give you a whopping 2000 shmeckles.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: The Rick In Me Is A Rick In You

Badges required: 36

The ever-bumbling Jerry needs your help again for this quest, which you can complete by giving him the Interdimensional Goggles. In exchange you get a Purified Fleeb, Pure Serum, and a Pure Halzinger.

Pocket Mortys Side Quest: Dude, Where's My Rick?

Badges required: 38

Chat with Dandy Rick to initiate this quest, and then build him a Microverse Battery at the Crafting Station. In exchange you get a Blips and Chitz Coupon to spend for random awards!

That's all the quests we've come across so far – be sure to let us know if you've found any other side quests and how to solve them!

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Published Feb. 25th 2016
  • Jackjoe
    I wanted to be able to answer Your Question about giving a HIGHER Then REQUESTED
    Quest ITEM. And YES, YOU CAN!

    Instead of a Regular-Robot.. I have the robot army quest dude The Butter Making Robot.
    1. He Took it
    2. He Have me a SEED, not a Level-Up one but for: /attck/speed/Def

    I did it purposely after reading YOUR COMMENT on whether a HIGHER ITEM would or woyld not be taken... and i confirm thst it was in this case.

    Id like to know if tje PRICE/ITEM PAID isbth e Same Either way. or Not.
    - - Did I receive the usual item-gift for this Quest regardless of giving a higher more complicated one than asked for?
  • Ally_7544
    I've gotten to another quest, its from mascot morty, and he wants something to distract the other mascot mortys from the horrible lives and I've tried a bunch of different things, but none of them worked :( please if anyone has gotten this far let me know, so I know what it is that he wants
  • Rei_2902
    In order to pass the latest quest and obtain a mascot Morty, you must make a Roy VR Headset which is made by combining Interdimentional Goggles with the IQ Enhancing Helmet
  • Brendon K
    I came across a new quest today, I'm not sure what to do. A Morty mascot says he an the other mortys are slaves. He says his chip broke and he want something to keep the mortys occupied. If I do this he said he would join my team. This quest came after getting 40 badges
  • Ty Arthur
    Featured Contributor
    This was just added in the latest update, and is the only way to get Mascot Morty to my knowledge. I'm verifying the specifics and will get the quest details added tonight.
  • Domingo Tamayo
    Yeah, robot Rick can use a microverse battery instead of just a supercharged battery for a b&c coupon
  • Mowbray_1315
    Dude, where's my Rick?

    38 badges

    Make dandy Rick a micro verse battery (supercharged battery, motherboard, dark matter ball), for a blitz and chips coupon.
  • Ty Arthur
    Featured Contributor
    Thanks! I'm checking these ones out and adding them on now.
  • Mowbray_1315
    The Rick in me is the Rick in you

    36 badges

    Craft jerry the inter dimensional goggles (supercharged battery, time crystal, tin can) for a reward of purified fleeb, pure serum, and pure halzinger.

    I'm guessing there are at least 3 more quests. But I am going to try to sleep so they will have to wait for another day.
  • Mowbray_1315
    Behind every lover, there's a Rick

    34 badges

    Make a gwendolyn doll for the guard Rick (robot, love potion) to get a pay out of 2000 smeckles
  • Mowbray_1315
    The cable Rick

    32 badges required

    Craft an inter dimensional cable box (super charged battery, dark energy ball, motherboard) for a return of one mr meeseeks box and a level up seed
  • Mowbray_1315
    The reward may actually be a mr meeseeks box and a halzinger of some sort. Mallow claims he is giving up fighting for awhile and gives you his unused items.
  • GameSkinny Staff
    Thanks for all the extras!
  • Mowbray_1315
    no problem. I just finished beating the game (save for collecting all mortys, which may take a bit since there are quite a few rares) collected 2 badges in post game but have yet to find another side quest. Which is strange as there are still more craft items that haven't been utilized. Unless having a one true north stops quests.

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