Why Bots Are Great for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile players have a wide array of opinions on the presence of bots throughout the game. Here are some reasons that bots help the mobile PUBG experience that you may not have considered.

You may have seen some headlines recently about how the recent mobile release of PUBG populates its matches with game bots. I understand that this fact won’t sit well with everyone. Some of the more hardcore audience might have fears that this makes the game too easy. Yet despite its possible drawbacks, I believe that the benefits bots bring to the game far outweigh the negatives.

Reason 1: Newbies

It’s been touched on before, but a lot of people have been talking about how bots help introduce new players to the game. Bots let them get a grasp on the fundamentals before being tossed into the lion’s den with 99 other live players thirsty for blood. This is an excellent decision, given that new players to the series would be scared away if they kept loading into games and seeing this screen within a minute:

A black screen like the one you receive when dying early in a match of PUBG

You would rather them have their first couple of games be a positive experience, which the bots help to make happen. And don’t lie, even if you went into your first mobile PUBG match knowing it was mostly bots, you still felt great getting that chicken dinner.

Reason 2: Learning Touch Controls

Noobs aren't the only ones who could stand to benefit from having a game to acclimate themselves; bots are great even if you’re a veteran PUBG player. This is because no matter how many hours you've dedicated towards mastering the game, everyone will have to come face to face with the new challenge of touch screen controls. Don’t worry, you’ll more than likely get the hang of them after a couple of rounds, but that process is made all the easier by the fact that you’ll have some moving targets to practice on.

touch control screen for PUBG Mobile

Reason 3: Easy Loot

Bots don’t necessarily pack the best loot, but it seems that they prioritize most things that your auto loot prioritizes, including med kits, decent weapons, ammo, etc. So bots can essentially be a care package of sorts, filling out your pack with items you may not have come across. This especially helps out the people who like to hold it down in one location, giving them replenishment on items after they’ve already looted their territory.

Four useful items that can be acquired in PUBG Mobile

Reason 4: More Engaging Gameplay

This is probably the most important reason to me. One of the biggest critiques I and others have about PUBG is its long and boring segments of game play where nothing is happening. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the constantly shifting pace of PUBG makes it great, but I think most would be lying if they said they’ve never once felt bored when lying prone in a single spot, just because they conveniently kept getting circle. Halving the time a game takes definitely did its part to speed things up, but I believe that bots contribute to the increased pace just as much if not more.

When you hear footsteps, there’s no way to decipher whether they belong to a human or a bot. So while bots don’t often kill you, you have to treat it as though it can until you’re sure it’s a bot. This helps add a little more spice to the times that would otherwise be spent in silence and speeds up the pace a little overall. And I think everyone can agree that bot or not, PUBG is always better with something to shoot at.


What are your thoughts on bots in PUBG Mobile? Have they helped or hindered your experience, and do you have any suggestions on how they could be better implemented? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more PUBG new, tips, and guides.


Published Mar. 28th 2018

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