Most Anticipated RPGs on Kickstarter Right Now

Kickstarter can be great for games. Here are a few that I feel deserve some more love.

Kickstarter is a great way to get games made. It's brought us Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2, and Divinity: Original Sin. Now, it has the potential to bring us even more games.

But, what are the most anticipated RPGs that Kickstarter has right now? Let's find out!

A Hero's Call

This game is: accessible PC game that brings the epic adventure of a traditional fantasy RPG to blind and sighted gamers alike.

The most interesting part about this game is that it is designed by blind gamers, for blind gamers. They are trying to make it accessible for sighted gamers as well. I think that the story sounds great and I think it would be unique to experience a game the way a blind gamer does. Having a game dedicated to the blind is unique and has me curious.

It has a very small budget of $2,850. It has already reached that goal, currently at $4,986, which is fantastic and I plan on keeping this one on my radar. It could give me a newfound admiration of what blind gamers have to go through in order to experience the same type of game that we sighted gamers take for granted.

Unknown Realm

Unknown Realm is looking to be a great classic RPG with some modern elements melded in. It's using the old style of 8-bit RPGs to tell a compelling story and give unique gameplay to a new generation of gamers that are growing up with hyper-realistic graphics. It seeks to give them an appreciation of where games have come from but still use some modern elements so it isn't completely different from more modern games. 

It has changing backgrounds, variant monsters based on season, fast-paced combat, and NPCs that react to your actions, just to name a few of its features. Currently at $90,857, it is well above its initial goal of $65,536. However there is a list of stretch goals that goes up to $200,000. You still have six days to back it and get the game for as little as $25.


The only one of the three that has yet to hit its goal, but definitely deserves to do so. Taking it back to a more stylized pixel art, UnDungeon seeks to tell a story of a multiverse wherein the player takes the role of one of seven Heralds. In this role the player must travel throughout the multiverse fighting, trading, and chatting its way to find the power of the Core.

A fast-paced, top-down, action RPG, you move through the world quickly and fight with rapid movements. By utilizing artifacts and amplifiers, the Herald can adapt to any situation. Who knows what happens once you get through the procedurally generated map? That's for you to find out. Head on over to their page and help them reach their goal of $53,000. As of the writing of this article they are only at $22,713 with 31 days left to go.

These are all great-looking RPGs worth checking out on Kickstarter. Let me know what you think of the above games and if you know of any other RPGs that deserve attention.

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Published Jan. 13th 2017

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