Get More Family XP, Spell Energy in Upcoming Wizards Unite Event

The special Task Force Emergency event for Wizards Unite starts very soon and lasts for a very short time.

Niantic greeted Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players with a special alert message today, outlining an event that starts June 29 and will offer bonuses to those who participate.

The event is labeled a Task Force Emergency, with the alert asking all Task Force members (read: Wizards Unite players) to take up their wands and help contain a "flare-up of Foundables."

During the event, Inns and Greenhouses will provide additional Spell Energy (on top of the already-implemented Spell Energy increase), and Care of Magical Creatures Traces will grant double Family XP once players return them.

There will be more Magical Creatures Traces on the map as well, offering more chances to nab that sweet extra XP.

Foundables already entered into the Register will also award double Family XP.

The special Task Force Emergency event begins in the Americas at 2 p.m. EST, and it truly is a limited-time event. Niantic said it only lasts three hours.

Spell Energy is the veritable lifeblood of Wizards Unite. It's what lets S.O.S. Task Force members engage in combat, and combat is necessary to advance in the game.

Unsurprisingly, XP levels up some aspect of the player's wizard or witch avatar. Family XP, in particular, goes in the Exploration part of the Registry. Ranking up part of the Registry grants access to a special Treasure Trunk, which, gives items that can be exchanged for loot.

It also helps fulfill Niantic's promise to continue providing more content and improving the gameplay experience, a promise after Wizards Unite got off to a slightly rocky launch with the grind required to bypass paying for upgrades.

The only problem? Wizards Unite players who can't Apparate to a more densely populated area are still left without.


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Published Jun. 28th 2019

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