PUBG Heads Towards Release, Gets New Weapon

As we near PUBG's December 12th official release date, more specific details are becoming available.

With PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds headed towards its official release on December 12, we are slowly getting an influx of things to be included in the final release. Today, Nvidia announced via their website that there will be a new revolver added to the game.

This six-shot revolver will be named the R45 and will use the .45 ACP ammo type. The R45 can only be looted on the new desert map Miramar as a world spawn item and is set to serve as Miramar's replacement for Erangel's R1895 revolver. The R45 will also come with a speed loader, placing its reload speed closer to that of other pistols. While it can utilize a red dot sight to increase your accuracy, it will not be able to use a silencer, unlike the R1895. 

While Miramar and the R45 will be included in the official release, you can test these items out in PUBG's test server as soon as December 7th. 

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Published Dec. 6th 2017

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