6 Madden 19 Money Plays That Will Guarantee A First Down

Money Play #1: The Stick Concept

We've talked about the stick concept as a Madden money play before, and for good reason. This passing play is good for a quick 4-5 yards pretty much every time, as long as your read is on point. There are a ton of variations on this play, but we'll try and keep it general so that you can run this play successfully out of any formation.

In the play diagram above, your first read will be the slot receiver on the right running the short curl route. Look there first, noting if there's a linebacker looking to jump the route. If your receiver is open, pitch him the ball (making sure to hold the trigger to perform a low pass) for a quick 5 yard gain.

If they're not open, and we can't emphasize this enough, look elsewhere -- as an interception on a jumped route here will almost always result in a pick-6. The good news is that if the curl route isn't open, the receiver running the out route almost always will be, so throw there.

If that's not open, proceed even further right to the seam route for a home run ball. 

The stick play is a great play to practice in order to drill your skills in sequential reads. You'll be proceeding in a natural left-to-right fashion, and it's relatively simple to see whether or not your receiver is covered. So not only is this a high-percentage play, running it will make you a whole lot better at the game!

Source: Coach Hoover Football

Published Aug. 17th 2018

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