6 Madden 19 Money Plays That Will Guarantee A First Down

Money Play #5: Slants

Given the updates to physics in Madden 19, crossing and rub routes work a whole lot better now than they ever have in the past. The crossing slant concept takes full advantage of that for a high-percentage money play that is generally good for 4 to 6 yards every time. 

Where the over-the-middle routes we've talked about are timed so that the read happens as the receiver passes across the QB, the read here is a little earlier. As you might expect, the key moment happens when the slot and outside receivers cross.

In most zone coverages, this moment is when defenders have to switch from one receiver to another, giving you a window to throw to the open man. In man coverage, the crossing action will usually cause defenders to change their paths so that they don't collide, giving your receiver a step on them. 

The safest read here is the receiver streaking toward the outside, though depending on when you throw the ball, that completion may only be good for 3 or so yards. A high throw over the line to the receiver crossing over the middle is a bit more dangerous, but offers your receiver the chance to turn upfield for a larger gain.

Source: Smart Football

Published Aug. 17th 2018

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