Final Fantasy Explorers Guide: Mutations and Crystal Surge Reference List

This guide lists all the Mutations you can get in Final Fantasy Explorers and which Crystal Surges give them!

Final Fantasy Explorers has an ability system called Mutations that lets you make several custom abilities. Each mutation is only available from a certain Crystal Surge, so you'll want to know which ones when planning your abilities.

I'm putting this guide together to give you an easy way to see all the Crystal Surges that give Mutations, and the list of Mutations. I won't go into detail explaining how Mutations or Custom Abilities work, so check out my Crystal Surges and Custom Abilities guide if you need help with that.

This guide will go over the Crystal Surges and Mutations available in Final Fantasy Explorers including:

  • Crystal Surge Mutations List - Which Crystal Surges give you Mutations.
  • Mutations Info - What each Mutation does.

Crystal Surge Mutations List

First, I'll list what mutations you can get from each Crystal Surge. The Crystal Surge is on the left and the Mutations you can get from it are on the right. Below that will be a list that describes what each mutation does.

  • Slash Affinity - Slash, Death
  • Strike Affinity - Strike, Confuse
  • Thrust Affinity - Thrust, Fog
  • Shot Affinity - Shot, Disable
  • Fire Affinity - Fire, Burn
  • Ice Affinity - Ice, Freeze
  • Thunder Affinity - Thunder, Paralyze
  • Earth Affinity - Earth, Immobilize
  • Wind Affinity - Wind, Sleep
  • Water Affinity - Water, Silence
  • Light Affinity - Light, Slow
  • Dark Affinity - Dark, Blind

Final Fantasy Explorers Crystal Surge

  • Combo Boost - Combo Factor
  • Tonberry Karma - Carnage Factor
  • 1,000 Needles Mode - Critical Power Up
  • Immunity Shock - Poison, Debuff Factor
  • Undermine - Element Resist Up, Element Resist Down
  • Critical Star - Critical Rate Up, Exploit Weakness
  • Bypass Buffs - Remove Ailments, Remove Buffs
  • Giant - Malice Accrual Up, Area of Effect Up
  • Superarmor - P-Defense Up, M-Defense Up
  • Damage Screen - P-Attack Down, M-Attack Down
  • Agony - P-Defense Down, M-Defense Down
  • Physical Breakout - P-Attack Up
  • Magic Breakout - M-Attack Up
  • Hyper Speed - Haste, Faster Cooldown
  • Hyper Recovery - Recover HP, Regen
  • Angel's Litany - Float, Reraise
  • Fleeting Dream - Create Image, Multi-hit
  • Rear Strike - Back Attack
  • Eye of Medusa - Stone, Front Attack
  • Megadrain - Absorb HP, Absorb AP
  • Defense Void - Bypass Defense
  • Moment's Respite - Stop, Duration Up
  • Top Form - HP Power Factor, Buff Factor
  • Rock Bottom - HP Inverse Factor, AP Inverse Factor
  • Twofold Return - Reflect
  • Stealth - Invisibility, Malice Accrual Down
  • Burst of Resonance - Resonance Boost, Resonance Factor
  • Heightened Trance - Trance Boost
  • Endless Link - Link Ability, Instant Cooldown
  • Supersnipe - Range Up, Range Factor

You don't have much control over which Crystal Surges come up, so if you don't see one you want, keep fighting until you do. Monk's can reset the list of Crystal Surges by healing allies with Chakra, so other Jobs might also be able to do that.

Many of these give a chance for the effect, so you might need to stack multiple Mutations before it is helpful.

Mutations Info

I'm going to separate all the Mutations into categories below.

Status Ailments 

  • Death - Chance to instantly kill
  • Confuse - Reverses movement
  • Fog - Prevents use of Physical abilities
  • Disable - Prevents all actions except movement
  • Burn - Inflicts damage over time and reduces P-Defense and M-Defense
  • Freeze - Prevents all actions
  • Paralyze - Prevents all actions except movement and reduces movement speed
  • Immobilize - Stops all movement
  • Sleep - Stops all actions and target awakens when hit
  • Silence - Prevents use of magical abilities
  • Slow - Reduces movement speed
  • Blind - Reduces the accuracy of all attacks
  • Poison - Inflicts damage over time and reduces P-Attack and M-Attack
  • Stop - Prevents all actions

Final Fantasy Explorers Status Ailments

Elemental and Damage Type

  • Fire - Adds Fire damage to the ability 
  • Water - Adds Water damage to the ability 
  • Ice - Adds Ice damage to the ability 
  • Wind - Adds Wind damage to the ability 
  • Thunder - Adds Thunder damage to the ability 
  • Earth - Adds Earth damage to the ability 
  • Light - Adds Light damage to the ability 
  • Dark - Adds Dark damage to the ability 
  • Slash - Adds Slash damage to the ability 
  • Strike - Adds Strike damage to the ability 
  • Thrust - Adds Thrust damage to the ability 
  • Shot - Adds Shot damage to the ability 

Stat Changes

  • Critical Power Up - Increases how much damage your critical hits deal
  • Critical Rate Up - Increases your chances of getting a critical hit
  • Element Resist Up  - Increases resistance to Elemental attacks, making them deal less damage to the target
  • Element Resist Down - Decreases the target's resistance to elemental attacks, making them take more damage from them
  • Malice Accrual Up - Increases how much Malice you get from monsters, making them more likely to attack you
  • Malice Accrual Down - Decreases how much Malice you get from monsters, making them less likely to attack you
  • Area of Effect Up - Increases the radius of your area of effect abilities
  • P-Defense Up - Increases the target's P-Defense, causing them to take less physical damage
  • P-Defense Down - Decreases the target's P-Defense, causing them to take more damage from physical attacks
  • M-Defense Up - Increases the target's M-Defense, causing them to take less magic damage
  • M-Defense Down - Decreases the target's M-Defense, causing them to take more damage from magic attacks
  • P-Attack Up - Increases the target's P-Attack, causing them to deal more physical damage
  • P-Attack Down - Decreases the target's P-Attack, causing them to deal less physical damage
  • M-Attack Up - Increases the target's M-Attack, causing them to deal more magic damage
  • M-Attack Down - Decreases the target's M-Attack, causing them to deal less magic damage

Buffs, Heals, Etc

  • Combo Factor - Increases damage based on how many hits you have in the current combo
  • Carnage Factor - Increases damage based on how many monsters you have killed during the quest
  • HP Power Factor - The more health you have, the more damage you do
  • HP Inverse Factor - The less health you have, the more damage you do
  • AP Inverse Factor - The less AP you have, the more damage you do
  • Buff Factor - The more buffs you have, the more damage you do
  • Debuff Factor - The more debuffs the enemy has, the more damage you do
  • Exploit Weakness - Causes extra damage when you attack an enemy's weak spot
  • Remove Ailments - Removes one status ailment from the target
  • Remove Buffs - Removes one buff from the enemy
  • Haste - Increases movement speed and AP recovery
  • Faster Cooldown - Decreases the cooldown of abilities
  • Instant Cooldown - Chance of instantly finishing the ability's cooldown
  • Recover HP - Chance to recover HP when the ability is used
  • Regen - Chance to give HP over time when the ability is used
  • Float - Chance to grant Float, causing target to avoid terrain effects
  • Reraise - Chance to grant Reraise, causing the target to automatically revive upon death

Final Fantasy Explorers Reraise

  • Create Image - Chance to create image of yourself, causing one attack to miss you
  • Multi-hit - Increases the number of hits an ability does
  • Back Attack - Causes extra damage when attacking behind a target
  • Front Attack - Causes extra damage when attacking in front of a target
  • Absorb HP - Chance to absorb HP when attacking
  • Absorb AP - Chance to absorb AP when attacking
  • Bypass Defense - Causes the ability to bypass a percentage of the target's defense
  • Duration Up - Increases the duration of an ability
  • Reflect - Reflects magic attacks
  • Invisibility - Turns invisible, causing target to not gain malice when attacking
  • Resonance Boost - Causes ability to create more resonance
  • Resonance Factor - Increases damage based on how much resonance you have
  • Trance Boost - Causes ability to fill up more of the Trance gauge
  • Link Ability - Allows you to cancel current ability's animation into the linked ability for increased damage and speed
  • Range Up - Increased distance ability travels
  • Range Factor - Increases damage based on how far the ability travels

That wraps up my guide on Final Fantasy Explorers Mutations and Crystal Surges. Let me know if you have any questions and check out my Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help!

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Published Jan. 31st 2016

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