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Every gamer loves a great game console. But without a controller, gamers can't play their favorite games on their beloved consoles! Controllers are just as important as the console itself. The buttons, the joysticks, the all contributes to an incredible gaming experience. So what happens when controllers are modified? The gaming experience is enhanced tenfold because the connection between the controller, the console, and the player have been tightened. Check out these amazing controller mods.

5) The Hemp Wii Remote

Whatever you do, don't get this controller near flames or your gaming capabilities might be temporarily impaired. This Wii Remote and Nunchuk are wrapped in hemp, a very useful, versatile (and sometimes controversial) plant. Donkey Kong would definitely use this controller if he were a gamer! It screams environmentally-friendly. This controller would be great for environment-conscious gamers. Too bad gaming requires electricity.

4) The One-Handed Xbox 360 Controller

This is a great idea and all, but the joystick down on the bottom of the controller looks too strenuous for the average gamer. However, this is an innovative approach to providing the joy of gaming to those with disabilities. This idea can potentially revolutionize the video game console industry as a whole. Disabled gamers need gaming love, too.


3) The Ghostbusters Nintendo Wii Remote

It's a custom-designed Wii remote that's ideal for any die-hard Ghostbusters fan. And the best part is that it's fully-functional! At first glance, it appears to be quite useless. But in the video, you can see that it's clearly designed to match a pair of goggles and a replica Ghostbusters Proton Pack to make the Wii experience so much better.

2) Nintendo Entertainment System Controller Coffee Table

Are you a Nintendo fan? Do you miss the times you played the Nintendo Entertainment System when you were a kid (for those '80s and '90s babies)? Well here's something to make you jealous: a giant Nintendo Controller that doubles as a coffee table and a real game controller! Playing with friends using only one controller was taboo...until now.


1) The Nintendo DS Guitar Hero Guitar

Who says playing Guitar Hero on the Nintendo DS is boring?! This guy must have thought the same thing because he came up with a way to connect a full-size Guitar Hero Guitar Controller with a Nintendo DS. He replaced the strum with the Nintendo DS, since the touchpad is the strum. He also included a way to channel the game's audio into his home theater system! Now if that isn't a cool way to enhance gameplay between the console, the controller and the player, then what is?

Published Aug. 28th 2014


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