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Video games and writing are my passion. My real job has nothing to do with writing and writing is purely just my passion. In real life, I supervise and regulate professional sports. I have this unstoppable urge to play video games. I can't and don't want to stop playing video games even now that I'm five years married to my wife as of this writing and has a child. Imagine what I was like in playing video games when I was single. I'd stay up all night drinking tons of coffee just so I could play video games non-stop. Video gaming has always been my passion and fell in love with video gaming ever since I was a kid. The very first gaming device I was able to use and own was the Game and Watch. After this, I just kept owning many other gaming consoles and devices. However, despite having all these different types of gaming consoles, PC gaming has always been my one true love... And this bio has been quite long so I'm going to stop now.

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