• Runers Review

    Runers is a fast paced dungeon crawler, that focuses around combining runes to find the most powerful spells.

  • Early Access: The Masterplan

    The Master plan, is a tactical heist game, taking place in the 70s. Even though there is not that much to do in it, what is there, already looks really promising.

  • Halfway Review

    Halfway is eyeccandy for the fans of science fiction, and can deliver a great story. Sadly, the gameplay is just not there.

  • Pure Pool Review

    Pure Pool delivers one of the most fun and authentic pool experience you can get on any platform. It can be recommended even for those who are not into the sport that much.

  • Super Trench Attack! Review

    Super Trench Attack! is the comedy shooter of WW1. You and your buddy are set out on the epic quest to stop the invaders from taking your homeland!

  • Lovely Planet Review

    Lovely Planet is one of the most hectic and weird looking FPS you will play this year. It is hard to achieve those two with the same game.