Sophie Romanziere
It is I - the Seeker, who has spun out the account of her Life, and it is bursting with meaning. I will insist that my Life's narrative is rich, my supporting cast colourful, and the typeface bold. It's me, the Seeker who will make you want to be everything that you are not - but you are weak and you will fail me, because I have dreamt - properly - of someone who is better than you are. I will not accept the Life of stability, which is staleness, I will accept nothing less than Passion, and Perfection, and a Life worthy of being told. So will you leave me? Take the next southbound train and escape the pressure? Or, perhaps, you will stay and allow this witch to show you the wonders hidden in the gaps between space and time, between form and substance - the beauty of an exploding Sun and a sea that knows a limit, but that to our minds it is endless... Stay, and in time, I can show you this Life's meaning, which hides in every single fallen leaf of August and in each falling drop of rain.

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