5 Wrestlers that will be overrated in WWE 2K16

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It isn't long until WWE 2K16 releases upon us and we get another installment of ups and downs! This year's game features the biggest roster of stars to date, with over 120, all of which you can check out on GameSkinny thanks to our weekly roster reveal coverage.

With the biggest roster ever, it stands to reason that a lot of stars will be rated much higher than they actually deserve. This is partially because on a scale of 0-100, no wrestler falls below the 70 rating, and therefore you get some of the all-time greats like Shawn Michaels, and one of the all-time not-so-greats like Sin Cara, separated by only 8 points. Mid card wrestlers should be rated in the 70s, main eventers in the 80s and truly fantastic performers reserved for the 90s.

But enough ranting, WWE 2K16 comes out on October 27th and it's fun to speculate on who will be rated what! For the sake of the article I won't be including the 2 variations of The Terminator because I have no idea how they will rated (although, likely very high) and no real way to fairly compare. So the 5 stars on this list are all real wrassler's. Go figure!

Published Sep. 8th 2015

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