5 Video Games That Would Make Awesome Tabletop Games

PayDay: The Heist

The game about a bank heist crew, available on Steam, involves players assuming the character of a hardened criminal executing intense, dynamic heists.

Contend with the police and SWAT teams -- with the overall objective of gathering as much money as possible -- before it’s too late. This would work for the table top as a tile based game with six different sets of tiles to represent the six different heists within the game, each proceeding in levels of difficulty.

Within each game, players would be able to collect resources, such as weaponry, as well as the ability to level up statistics and build skills to fit the character’s preferred course of violence.

Although the video game is generally a cooperative game, with the other characters the partners in crime, there is the potential for competitive gaming. For example, there could be a secret betrayer who will do anything to only help themselves and impede other players to that end.

The game should be played in real time and be significantly time based too. Equally, any DLC released for the game provides content for table top expansions further down the line.

Published Dec. 22nd 2016

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