Top 10 Minecraft songs that boost your focus and productivity

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Did you know Minecraft has over 50 songs that kick in at random intervals? They're wonderfully relaxing, and a great backdrop for building, surviving, exploring or even doing non-Minecraft related things like studying or cleaning your gamer lair.

Minecraft music is really something of an enigma. C418 brilliantly paints the atmosphere of the game in his songs. And yet, they're so unobtrusive that you may not even notice them kick in when you're neck-deep in building the fortress of your dreams.

Chances are, you're not going to be whistling or humming along like you would with traditional Zelda songs. However, if you're looking for music to do your homework or chores to, Minecraft has the perfect selection.

That's right, Minecraft music is specifically designed to boost your ability to focus. The quiet, repetitive, unobtrusive nature of C418's songs are fantastic for immersing you into the task at hand, which by extension bolsters your productivity.

... the repetition is intended to induce a state of relaxation or concentration ...

-Kill Screen paraphrasing C418

So if you have trouble focusing on your work, you might consider adding "Minecraft - Volume Alpha" and "Minecraft - Volume Beta" to your playlist. You can purchase the digital albums off of Bandcamp (Alpha, Beta) or iTunes (Alpha, Beta).

Personally, I don't believe Minecraft has a song that's definitely the best. All 55 of them are truly mesmerizing. However, there are a select few that stand apart from the rest. And we're counting down the 10 most outstanding songs from C418's repertoire.

Now, let's let the music do the rest of the talking, shall we? Plug in your best set of headphones, grab yourself a snack, and relax to the sounds of Minecraft.

Published Oct. 17th 2016

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