5 League of Legends Merchandise Pieces You Need In Your Life

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Mildly (or maybe even wildly?) obsessed with League of Legends? Don't worry, me too.

That's why I've searched the Internet to find some pretty cool League of Legends merchandise to share with all of you. Ranging from League of Legends plushies, to League of Legends jewellery...from watercolored prints to stress balls -- and even a flask for, you know, when solo queue gets a little rough.

Also, I didn't just include items from Riot's official merch store. There's plenty of fan-made items here to look at and additional links to browse for accessories and items you may find interesting.

Just a quick note before you dive in: the pricing here is in US dollars. If you do decide to purchase any of the items, please be wary of shipping charges.

Annie Tibbers Plush 

$30 on Riot's Official Merch Store

We'll start things off with something that isn't fan made, but made officially from Riot and purchasable off their website. With the help of this little guy, you'll be able to flash stun all of your enemies! 

The best part? They've added extra beads into Tibbers' paws to create a better feel if you ever wanted to swing Tibbers just like Annie does in a game of League.

If you're interested in more of what Riot has to offer, you can check out more of their clothing, art pieces, collectibles, and accessories.

League of Legends Style TSM Flask

$25.16 on Etsy

Not that I'm endorsing this, but have you ever played solo queue and at the end of the game after you tried to babysit a bunch of monkeys you're like "hell, I need a drink"? Same. But sometimes I could use three after the clown fiesta that solo queue mostly is.

Well we're in good luck my friend. With this flask we'll be able to rep our favorite team and look classy while we watch our LP go down the drain. 

Unfortunately, there is only the TSM flask and a Cloud 9 one, so you might be out of luck if those are not your favorite teams.


Watercolour League of Legends Posters/Prints

$5.14 - $39.03 on Etsy (price depends on size)

I've been looking at these for a while, and they look SO cool. If you needed to hang some prints in your new apartment or house, think about how cool it would be to get your favorite champion in each lane and line them up accordingly on the wall (top, jungle, mid, adc, support).

There is also a sale going on right now where if you buy two, you get one free -- which sounds amazing. Also, if you're looking to get into playing Orianna, you can check out some quick tips here.

Collectible League of Legends Stressball - Lulu Cupcake

$9.95 on eBay

Ever been instantly deleted by Rengar? How about game after game of feeding teammates? You've been there, I've been there, we've all been there. It's hard sometimes not to just scream and yell.

Well, we all might need a League of Legends stressball to help keep our minds calm and at ease during those tough moments. 

If you're not a fan of Lulu's Cupcake, there is a Teemo Mushroom, Gragas Barrel, Zigg's Bomb, and Poro's!


League of Legends Thresh Necklace

$18 on Etsy

I actually own this necklace combo myself. It's pretty cool and it's a great price. I love repping League of Legends accessories in public because when someone notices it, you immediately become friendly with each other and have a connection or starting conversation piece.

The person who makes them puts everything up on Etsy, but has a website with so many more options tailored around video games and animes. I own a handful of their pieces (the 8-bit style mini heart is my all time favourite) and I love every single one of them. If you're interested, check them out at TrinketSlot.

What's some of the best League merchandise you've found around the web? Leave a note and a link in the comments below!

Published Sep. 20th 2016

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