$500 Million LA Mansion looks just like Devin Weston's Mansion in GTAV

I might be crazy but I think this real life mansion looks like Devin Weston's from GTAV.

In yet another case of gaming mirroring reality I was struck by the uncanny resemblance between the Devin Weston mansion in GTA V and the mansion in this article about a $500 million dollar LA mansion that will not be lived in and instead will just be an asset to "store" money.

It is entirely possible I am just insane, but the moment I saw this article I thought it resembled the Devon Weston house. Now, upon closer inspection I see clear differences, but does anyone think it looks similar? Or is this just what every $500 million dollar home in LA looks like?

LA Mansion

Devin Weston's Mansion

Pics are from the GTA Wiki but they don't quite have the same angle.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Published Nov. 13th 2015

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