The 7 best free online puzzle games you have to play

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For some people, the opportunity to put their gray matter to the test is one of the biggest pulls of video games. While it’s true that lot of titles do require some degree of puzzle solving, if you want some real cerebrally-challenging stuff, then you need to test your wits against a dedicated puzzler.

As part of our free online games series, here are 7 of the best puzzle titles you can find on the web without having to open your (virtual) wallet. And the best thing is that all these games can be played through a web browser, no downloads or extensions required.

The list covers some more modern puzzlers, phone ports, and a few classic games – which may or may not have been recreated with the permission of the original rights holder *cough*. Anyway, you should give these games a try, if only to see if you can outsmart a machine...well, outsmart the person who designed the game, really. But that doesn’t sound as impressive. 

Published Sep. 23rd 2015

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