Infamous Second Son Turns One: Sucker Punch Gives Out Goodies

Sucker Punch's Infamous Second Son turns one and gives out goodies and discounts to fans.

Happy Birthday Infamous Second Son! On March 21, 2014 Sucker Punch Productions and Sony Computer Entertainment released Infamous Second Son for the Playstation 4. To celebrate the game's birthday, Sucker Punch has given out goodies and discounts to fans.

Starting from March 27 through March 30, Infamous First Light DLC will be receiving a 50% discount in the PS Plus store. In January the game was free via the Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection.

Sucker Punch has also put up on its website a link to download free  wallpapers, cover art,and avatars of characters from Infamous Second Son and Infamous First Light DLC. Fans can also download Delsin and Fetch ringtones for their cellphones. Available on March 31st fans will be able to buy themes of Delsin and Fetch for $1.99 on the PSN store.

Fans can also buy Infamous merch online at the Playstation Gear Store. The Infamous video games are a series of action-adventure platformers created by Sucker Punch productions.


Published Mar. 28th 2015

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