Top 10 changes in Dota 2 Patch 6.85 you need to know about

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On September 24, 2015 Valve Corporation released Patch 6.85 for Dota 2 in connection with the upcoming tournament in Frankfurt, taking place on November 16-21. The new patch affects the mechanics of the game and the balance of weapons and characters. Many of the characters and objects have been improved, while others have been nerfed. The last group includes the previously popular heroes, such as Leshrac, Lina, and Storm Spirit.

The home page of Dota 2 has also been completely redesigned for this event. There you can learn about every single change that came with Patch 6.85.

This top 10 is specifically for those who were too busy last week, but still want to learn about the most important changes in the new patch, so that enemies don’t catch you by surprise.

Published Oct. 6th 2015
  • Zoinksta
    Hey, I agree with most of what you've pulled out from this patch, but I had a few comments: I wouldn't say Lina is too much weaker. Yes her numbers were reduced a bit, but her dragon slave is still terrifying, and light strike array is still very good. The Euls change is probably the biggest nerf to her. And as far as the Medallion/Solar Crest part, I wouldn't go so far as to saying it's not worth buying. Even if you can't place it directly on magic immune targets, you can place it on their would-be victims!
  • Sergey_3847
    Well, it's a matter of perspective. Of course, Dragon Slave is powerful as ever, but I think the rest of Lina's abilities got seriously diminished, hence the title. Concerning the medallion and the crest, the focus here was on Roshan mainly, as they aren't as effective against him anymore. And, generally speaking, the titles simply can't reflect all the points. After all, people decide for themselves if they need the artifacts or not, and the article is just there to inform them, nothing more. Anyway, thanks for your comment.

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