Play These Shooters to Prepare for Far Cry 5


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The Borderlands games are first-person shooters that focus on co-op, action-packed gameplay and tons of loot. The Borderlands games are known for their massive amounts of unique guns and their unmatched co-op gameplay that provides countless hours of fun for you and up to three friends.

Far Cry and Borderlands don't seem to have much in common apart from their first-person perspectives, and frankly, they don't share all that many things with each other. However, both games are even better when played in co-op. Playing with friends is usually much more fun than playing alone, and this is definitely true for both Far Cry and Borderlands.

Both games are awesome co-op experiences that emphasize teamwork and the reward of having lots of fun with your friends. If you can't wait to shoot your way through Far Cry 5 with friends, try the Borderlands series to have just as much, if not more, crazy fun!

Published Feb. 28th 2018

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