13 Overlooked Indie Horror Gems to Haunt Your Sleepless Nights

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Caliban Below (Blackthorn Media, Inc.)

If you're fond of your terror feeling realer than real, you've got to try some Virtual Reality horror. Playing in VR takes the chills and thrills of a horror game and cranks the intensity to the max. Caliban Below is a free release from Blackthorn Media, and offers a small sampling of their larger The Abbot's Book world.

In Caliban Below you assume the identity of a familial exile, exploring the remains of your family's estate in search of clues from a life long forgotten. Whether you're a veteran of VR or dipping your toe in for the first time, you can do a lot worse than trying out a quick, free game with mostly positive reviews.

Published Oct. 12th 2018

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