Top PC Multiplayer games for 2016


May 3rd, 2016

Battleborn -- the latest offering from 2K -- is a next-gen shooter that allows you to play in a solo/co-op campaign mode or in multiplayer. The heroes of the game have to defend the last star in the universe from a mysterious evil. This sci-fi adventure allows players to choose between 25 unique heroes; each with their own powers and weapons. 

Battleborn's 5v5 multiplayer has three modes: incursion, capture, and meltdown. Capture is a fast-paced death-match "King of the Hill" type of mode. Meltdown tasks players player with sending their minions off to their death in an effort to make it to the incinerator and earn points. Incursion pits players against wave after wave of AI's while they attempt to destroy their opponents base. 

The game will be released May 3rd, 2016.

Published Feb. 12th 2016

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