Top PC Multiplayer games for 2016

Fable Legends


The Fable series by Lionhead Studios takes a new direction in their latest game; set to be released in 2016. The online game, Fable Legends, is only available for Xbox One players and Windows 10 PC players. This free-to-play online multiplayer game is a fantasy game that allows players to take on the role of a variety of developed characters. Each is a master in their chosen form of battle (melee, ranged, or magic). 

The new multiplayer game has an interesting twist to the original Fable games but still has a lot of the same things that made you love Fable in the first place. Players can be the shining heroes and work together online with others to defeat the oncoming evil. The twist comes in when you can play as the villain and focus on destroying players who play as the heroes.

The only thing that may be a negative for fans of Fable is that players will have to choose between set characters rather than customizing them as with past games. 

Published Feb. 12th 2016

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