What is PlayStation 4 Error ws-37403-7? Let Us Explain

PlayStation 4 users around the world are encountering a new error code, Error ws-37403-7. Here's what it means for PlayStation Network status and more.

PlayStation 4 users are encountering a new, mysterious error code for seemingly no reason at all: PlayStation 4 Error ws-37403-7. There's not much known about it right now, and it's apparently affecting different users in different ways. Here's what we know about it right now.

What is PS4 Error ws-37403-7?

The answer to that question really depends on the user. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for who experiences which problems, but they range from being unable to play games to the network not recognizing the user has a PlayStation Plus membership.

The issue is a global one, and it happens whenever the user powers their PS4 console on.

Sony has categorized user complaints into several different listings so far:

  • Account Management — unable to sign in or create account
  • Gaming and Social — users prevented from opening apps.
  • PlayStation Now — may be unable to stream games
  • PlayStation Video — difficulty signing in or accessing content
  • PlayStation Vue — problems accessing certain channels
  • PlayStation Store — problems redeeming codes, searching, browsing, and downloading
  • PlayStation Music — difficulty accessing content

It's telling that the Fix and Connect feature which pops up on the network trouble page is even down.

How to Fix Error ws-37403-7

Right now, there really isn't a way to fix Error ws-37403-7. Sony has acknowledged the issue and states network engineers are working to discover the problem's source and, of course, fix it. Until then, unfortunately, there's nothing users can do.

On the bright side, there are no reports of permanent problems from the error code. Your system isn't damaged, your library is intact, and once Sony does finally manage to correct the issue, everything will be back to normal.

Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on the AskPlayStation Twitter page, where the issue was first acknowledged, for updates or check out the PlayStation Network Service webpage for periodic updates as well.


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Published Jun. 13th 2019

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