How Game Trailers Should Be

Honest Trailers by Smosh Games is a must-see YouTube series.

YouTube is a hodge-podge mix of curated video content. Once in a while, users can stumble on ideas that are not only ingenious, but hilariously funny as well. One such diamond in the rough is Smosh Games' Honest Trailers.

What are Honest Trailers?

Honest trailers are videos that show people the honest opinion on a particular video game or series. While the videos are designed to be comedic, I found myself nodding my head and saying to myself, "Preach on, brother gamer!" While it's put in a funny yet epic way, the words uttered in these trailers can be found to be fairly truthful.

Are you a Call of Duty fan or the complete opposite? Here's the look at the Honest Trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:

Just a Barrel of Monkeys Dragons

I found the Honest Trailer series refreshingly great to watch amidst all the other shows that make fun of so many aspects of human life. They are told in the epic way most game trailers portray games. Smosh Games has a great hit on their hands. It's hard to explain, so you will surely have to watch them to see for yourselves.

Have a look at the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trailer. Being a huge fan of Skyrim, I found this one to be one of my favorite trailers of all time.

Want more of Smosh Games? Honest Trailers isn't their only series on YouTube. Smosh Games also does series like:

  • Gametime with Smosh Games
  • Why We're Single
  • Grand Theft Smosh
  • and more.

Smosh Games also streams every Friday from 3pm till 5pm Pacific Time on their Twitch Channel.

Published Apr. 17th 2018

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