Want to beautify Stardew Valley? So do these portrait mods you might want to get

These mods make some (or all) of Pelican Town's residents get a heavy (and sometimes needed) makeover.

More gameplay-altering mods for Stardew Valley would be nice, but the community's gung ho attitude about changing character portraits is certainly nothing to complain about.

Since release, many of the game's more creatively inclined (and motivated) fans have been rolling out mods to change character portraits to their own idea of what would be more visually appealing -- and there are a lot of good ones to choose from.

Both the Stardew Valley forums and the game's Nexus section are packed with portrait mods, both released and in progress. It can be hard to choose just one, but it's even harder not to grab at least one of these and make the residents of Pelican Town look a bit better.

Several of these mods are currently being updated at the time of writing and some are totally done, but there's no saying when a mod creator will stop altogether or suddenly get back to it.

Mods that simply change portraits can be applied by putting mod .xmb files in the following folder in the game's Steam directory: Steam\SteamApps\common\Stardew Valley\Content.

Mods that also alter sprites need a small amount of extra legwork, but are still simple to install. Always read a mod's installation instructions and make backups of folders or .xmb files you are altering.

Vlad B's Revamped Portraits
Nexus link

Some high-quality portraits with a distinctive art style. Currently this mod only covers bachelors and bachelorettes.

UsernameLogin's Bachelor and Bachelorettes all portraits
Forum link

The potential spouses designs in this mod look like they came straight out of some sort of shounen anime where everyone looks like a young teen and it looks great, all things considered.

Currently this mod mostly covers bachelors and bachelorettes but there are separate downloads for other townsfolk.

DREAMLIKE's Portraits
Nexus link

Dreamlike has you covered if by some chance you wanted some Final Fantasy in your Stardew Valley.

This mod changes bachelor portraits and sprites to look like Final Fantasy characters. If you wanted Sam to look like Cloud and Elliot like Sephiroth, well.. here you go. The mod creator is working on more characters as well.

Dewmetrius Valley
Forum link

Have you ever stopped to think that Demetrius may be the center of Stardew Valley and we just don't know it yet? Someone did, and clearly others agreed -- because Dewmetrius Valley is really and truly a thing.

This mod is different from the others here in that it's a big joke. But it's a big joke that's worth it if you want a good laugh or to do your farming straight in the middle of the Demetrius Zone.

MCMC Portraits
Forum link

I'm not sure how this one slips under the radar of so many, but it's not a mod to overlook if you're on the market for new portraits.

This may be the closest to a more traditional Harvest Moon-style look on the list. All marriage candidates but Alex have been completed at the time of writing.

Kamirose's Character Portrait Overhauls
Forum link

Like the game's original style but want the portraits to be just a bit different? This mod may be for you.

It covers all marriage candidates and some townsfolk.

Portraits Mods by einari
Forum link

It's hard to say these portraits "anime-style", but they are certainly a far cry from the game's original art style and they certainly do stand out among many of the community's other portrait mods. A very light, playful style -- simply too cute!

This mod changes every character's portrait.

Toonyoza's Anime Styled Portraits
Forum link

This was one of the first portrait mods for Stardew Valley and it continues to be one of the most popular. It covers all marriage candidates.

Toonyoza's portraits are in a sharp anime style -- there's definitely a reason these are so popular. But the next mod is certainly a contender.

Anime Portrait by Toon and Bunnerz
Forum link

A revamp of the original mod, these portraits alter Toonyoza's original portraits to make them less sharp by toning down some of the lines and detail in the characters' hair.

This one also only covers marriage candidates.

Bachelorette Portrait's Total Sideview Rework Mix & Match Pack by SPRidley
Forum link

How about a little change of perspective?

SPRidley's mod changes bachelorette portraits' look and angle, on top of some sprites to match. Perhaps most notable in this one is Maru, who has a number of longer hair options.

Unfortunately this one doesn't cover the bachelors.

Vstoto's Cute Portraits
Forum link

The cutest portrait mod was saved for last, and it's almost too cute. That's all there really is to be said about it.

Vstoto's mod only covers the five bachelorettes -- hopefully he'll add the bachelors in the future. Too cute!

These are only a few of the portrait mods the Stardew Valley community is churning out. With each day come more, and with them come more variety. With the quality of mods the community has already put out, we're sure to see even better things as more mod creators jump onto the fray.

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Published Jul. 21st 2017

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