Arcane Saga No More - Game Closing in September

Be seeing you, hope. Sorry you got all banged up.

Arcane Saga and I were not the best of friends, but even so it is with a heavy heart I report the game will be closing down later this year. It seems Prius Online, in any official incarnation, is not meant to be commercially viable to support in the Western hemisphere.

Netmarble will be closing the doors to Arcane Saga on September 16th, a mere four months after the game's June 5th release. The publisher states the game simply has not generated enough income to make up for operational costs, and their only option to cope is to close the game quickly.

For those few who played the game's previous incarnation, Prius Online, this news especially devastating.

Prius Online was treated poorly by gPotato during its lifespan and was shut down for a lack of income. Arcane Saga revived the Prius legacy, but with entirely new gameplay systems -- some of which not quite palatable to the Prius player. Even so, Netmarble seemed committed to implementing proper Anima and Gigas systems later this year. There was hope in sight.

From now until closure, Arcane Saga's cash shop will be closed. Players who currently have NC credited to their accounts can use the currency on one of Netmarble's other titles, but they will be unable to spend their NC on Arcane Saga itself until its doors are closed forever on September 16th.

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Published Jul. 12th 2013
  • DarkFool_3468
    Wasn't the original Prius shut down, not because of financial problems, but because NetMarble simply refused to renew the licensing contract with gPotato, basically disallowing them from continuing to host the game? At least, that was what had been said when the gPotato version shut down.

    Regardless, no surprise here. When you tell your customers that their feedback is invalid, and that they can quit the game if they don't like how it is, you really can't be surprised when they take you up on the advice and DO quit the game.

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