Holy crap, check out these custom computer case mods

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There once was a time when the act of modifying a computer case involved putting a few stickers on it, or, for the more daring, adding some of your own artwork with a permanent marker. Today, PC case modders are only limited by their imagination. Almost anything can be modified to house a computer, while some cases can be altered to such a point that they end up resembling works of art, rather than a container for a series of components.

The last few years has seen the case modding community really take off, with hundreds of examples of the most mind-blowing rigs appearing. These machines are a real testament to the builder's engineering skills and creativity; no longer are all PCs judged only by what's inside the box, but the also the box itself. 

There's so many incredible examples to pick from, this list could have reached over 100 entries, narrowing it down to 20 wasn't an easy task. Elements such as design, looks, hardware and construction difficulty were all taken into account when deciding which cases to include. 

With amazing PC's built by fans slaving away alone, to teams of specialists creating computers for hardware companies, here are 20 of the most amazing case mods you'll ever see.

Published Jun. 3rd 2015

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