The Worst Game Ever: Eight Hours of Desert Bus

Desert Bus might be the worst game ever.

Most games that are released aren’t considered huge hits likethe Mass Effect trilogy, or Call of Duty or any of the other widely successful game franchises. The majority of games fall within the average to mediocre range, but like any media form, you have decidedly bad games. However, in the realm of bad games, there may not be one better than Desert Bus.

The game was originally created by illusionist duo Penn and Teller back in 1995, but it was never released. Until now. It was recently made available for the iPhone and Android via their respective application stores.

The mechanics of the game are simple: the player drives a bus for eight hours in real time down a perfectly straight road. However, the bus is constantly drifting to the right, so you have to be alert. If the bus manages to off-road, you have to start the eight hour drive over again. And, what do you get for completing the journey? A lousy one point.

Teller said that the idea for the game was that it should be as boring as real life. Well, mission accomplished. There is some good behind the game, though, as an annual marathon of the game is held to raise money for Child’s Play by "Desert Bus for Hope." Hopefully, more than one dollar is made if you complete the journey.


Published Jul. 14th 2013

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